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About Micromath®

Micromath® is a leading publisher of pre-packaged software used by Scientists and Engineers to model, simulate, analyze, fit and graph experimental data. Micromath was founded in 1986 on the belief that Scientists and Engineers should not have to learn complex programming languages to effectively analyze and present data. Since then, Micromath has been developing tools that help researchers and educators focus on science, not software.

Micromath's flagship product, Scientist® for Windows, was introduced in 1995. Since that time, more than 7000 researchers worldwide have used Scientist in numerous fields of scientific endeavor. Researchers in pharmacology, medicine, biphysics, environmental engineering, physics, veterinary medicine, political science, economics and hundreds of other disciplines have used Scientist to model and analyze countless phenomena, without learning specialized languages or complicated syntax.

Our customers include academic and professional researchers, research organizations, universities and governments worldwide. Customer service is our highest priority. We are committed to providing our customers with the most powerful, easy to use, scientific software available.

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Micromath is located in Saint Louis, Missouri USA

Mailing Address 9202 Litzsinger Road
Saint Louis, Missouri 63144
Telephone 1.800.942.6284
Fax 314.558.8400
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