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Fit Experimental Data to Theoretical ModelsScientist® for Windows 3.0 is a general mathematical modeling and data analysis application. It is specifically designed to fit model equations to experimental data. Other programs focus on technical graphics, symbolic manipulation, matrix operations or worksheets for engineering calculations. Scientist incorporates all these elements, but its primary function is fitting equations to experimental data. Scientist can fit almost any mathematical model from the simplest linear functions to complex systems of differential equations, non-linear algebraic equations or models expressed as Laplace transforms. If you need to fit experimental data to mathematical models, you won't find a better tool than Scientist for Windows! Libraries of mathematical models for Chemical Kinetics, Diffusion and Pharmacokinetics can be purchased separately.

Solution Chemical EquilibriumChemist is a program for solution chemical equilibrium calculations. Just specify the composition of the solution in terms of quantities of the compounds in the solutions, press a button and the results are displayed in a spreadsheet. You can use this program to quickly and easily determine how to make a solution with specific properties, or rapidly perform a series of "what-if" calculations.