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Chemist is a program for chemical equilibrium calculations. The program uses a simple Windows interface where you specify the compounds and their quantities that make up the solution of interest. These compounds are selected from a large database provided with the program and the quantities can be entered in many of units of either mass or concentration. Once the solution has been entered, you simply press a "solve" button and the program will perform the calculations and display the results in a spreadsheet. These results include molar concentrations and activity coefficients for all species in the solution, as well as pH, ionic strength, buffer capacity and estimated density.

Chemist will also indicate the degree of saturation of the solution with respect to any solids that could potentially be formed. Multiple conditions can be done in one calculation. In addition, the results of titration calculations can be displayed and printed as plots. The program comes with a database of compounds which has 500 chemical equilibrium relationships that are automatically included in the calculations as needed. If you've ever had to work out and solve the algebra behind these calculations, you will appreciate the hours of tedious and unrewarding work that Chemist will save you. And for those of you in the lab, you can save days of work by performing pertinent "what-if" calculations instead of running expensive trial-and-error laboratory experiments.