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What's New In Scientist® 3.0

  • Improved graphics functionality. Scientist now supports over 50 different 2D and 3D chart types including statistical series, vector3D series, contour series, waterfall series and many more. What's more, every element of each chart can be completely customized using context sensitive, intuitive interfaces. Hundreds of standard themes can be used to create a look and feel that best presents your data or you can create custom themes of your own. Features such as lighting, transparency and shading are also adjustable. All formatting items can be saved as a customized chart template making formatting multiple charts a breeze.

  • Project Interface. Scientist's new, easy to use, project interface makes it easy to keep track of your data, models and results.

  • Improved Import/Export functionality. Scientist 3.0 makes it easier to get your data into and out of Scientist. Now you can import your data directly from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, SQL and DNS databases or any delimited file format. You can export your graphics in nine different formats including .jpeg, .pdf, postscript and VML.

  • Cutting and Pasting. Cutting and pasting is easier in Scientist 3.0. You can cut data from any Windows application and paste it into a Scientist spreadsheet and vice versa. Charts can be quickly and easily be cut and pasted into any Windows document, spreadsheet application or presentation application.

  • Speed. Scientist 3.0 has been optimized for 32 bit operating environments and takes full advantage of today's faster CPUs and abundant memory. With proper hardware, Scientist 3.0 can fit data to the most complex models in a fraction of the time required by earlier versions or other data analysis applications.

  • Stability. Scientist 3.0 has the powerful fitting algorithms that have made Scientist the data analysis tool of choice for thousands of scientists and engineers worldwide since 1995. Scientist 3.0 has improved error handling and stability. On those rare occasions when Scientist 3.0 encounters an exception, the user is given an error message and the opportunity save data or work in progress.

  • Support. Micromath has expanded its support of Scientist for version 3.0. In addition to telephone and E-mail support, users of Scientist 3.0 can report and track bugs or suggestions on Micromath's re-designed web site. Licensed users can also download service releases from the web site as they become available.